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Rirongere/Lilungiselele-The Series E08-Pension lump sum

Shoko & his wife brag to Skwakwa & wife that they are expecting a pension lump sum in a week, which will enable them to pay back the money that the latter lent them. Little did they know Skwakwa will always win the bragging battle. Meanwhile, Shoko is shocked by the news he receives at the pension fund!

Rirongere/Lilungiselele-The Series E15-Benefit statements

Skoro, Skwakwa and Shoko are sick and tired of being given endless excuses about why their pension fund is not giving them their benefit statements. They confront the pension fund but still there is no joy and Shoko comes up with a brilliant idea

Rirongere/Lilungiselele-The Series E06-Individual pension scheme

Skoro bumps into Shoko and is shocked to see him still going strong despite being on retirement. Skoro says he does not need to save for his retirement since he has rich relatives who would take care of him when he is no longer gainfully employed. But Shoko has a word of advice for Skoro.

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